In the Field

Thank you so much for your interest in the Nueces Delta Preserve.  Did you or your child just come home from a field trip?  Are you interested in learning more about the area?  Please visit the following for more information.

We touch the Waters that Touch the World
Discover a story from a Comanche woman who came to the Delta with her family to “touch the waters that touch the whole earth.”  When our staff heard this story and saw the photos in the photo album, we knew this was the best description for what we do.  Whether we are talking about migration, watersheds, or industry, here at the Nueces Delta we touch the waters that touch the world every day.

Photo Gallery
Whether you want photos of awesome flora and fauna or you want to see yourself at the Nueces Delta Preserve, this is your place.  Visit often.

Once a month we add a new flora or fauna superstar to the site.  Come back often and discover our Delta Friends.


Citizen Science & Research Links

The NDP is used for many different research projects.  Real time salinity monitoring stations along Rincon bayou characterize freshwater inflows into the Nueces Delta.  Freshwater pumping events can be traced along the Rincon bayou by looking at the data over time.  Water temp, conductivity, and salinity are reported every 30 minutes.

The weather station provides air temp, wind, precipitation, barometric pressure, relative humidity & solar radiation data.

The CBBEP staff and students are also actively involved in citizen science activities.  We collect bird data for Cornell University and are working to put together a data set for water quality taken on field trips.

The Big Year
While on school field trips, our students notice and learn bird species. Here you can find out more about the species we have seen over the years here at the Nueces Delta.

Gulf of Mexico Coastal Ocean Observing System (GCOOS)
Research at the Delta is a priority.  Please visit our partners’ websites to find out more about the freshwater inflows in the area.

Other Websites of interest
EPA Estuary Activities

Climate Change