TEKS Covered: 112.6 (a) 1ABDE, 2-5, (b) 1, 2B&F, 3, 4A, 5ABD-G, 6, 10, 12A&B, 13A

Equipment used: hand lenses, journals, sieve, 

Vocabulary: adaptation, structure, function, deposition, erosion, weathering, soil

Field Trip Stations
Observation Hike/What Eats Me?

Quiet Sit/Sound Map

Insect Exploration

Water for Wildlife – Discover the benefits of water for wildlife and for our populations. Think about things you can do to help water conservation.

Sediment Scavenger Hunt – Identify different particle sizes of soil and how they arrived at the Delta. Discover the importance of coastal soils.

Bird Adaptations

For more information or to customize a trip, use our  teacher workbook. HERE