TEKS Covered: 112.15 (a) 1-4, (b) 1, 2B&F, 3A&D, 4, 9

113.15 (a) 1-8, (b) 1BC&D, 2A&C, 4BC&D, 5A&B, 7, 8A, 9, 10, 12A&E, 13B, 17B, 20B, 21B&D, 22C&E, 23

Equipment used: cameras (not provided), hand lenses, journals

Vocabulary: industry, refinery, seaport, airport, landport, import, export, agriculture, farming, ranching, adaptation, Karankawas, hunter, gatherer, deposition, erosion, weathering, soil

1  Industry Today  Learn how nature and industry work together for conservation.
2  Early Agriculture Walk a trail and learn about early economic activities such as farming and ranching.
3  Water for Wildlife Discover the benefits of water for wildlife and for our populations. Think about things you can do to help water conservation.
4  Early Settlers Become an early settler in the Coastal Bend and think about all the things you would need to survive. Learn about Audubon and how early bird science began.
5  Native Americans Think like a Native American living in the Coastal Bend when there were no other inhabitants. Discover and sketch things you would have used.
6  Soils Identify different particle sizes of soil and how they arrived at the Delta. Discover the importance of coastal soils.

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