TEKS Covered: 112.14 (a) 1-4, (b) 1, 2BD&F, 3A, 9, 10

Equipment used: cameras (not provided), hand lenses, metric rulers, journals, note cards, stapler, sound recorder (not provided)

Vocabulary: habitat, food chain, inherited, learned, environment, adaptations, organisms, natural resources, decomposition, populations, communities, structure, function

1 Habitat Hike Take a hike and discover the different habitats and what animals live in them.
2 Pond Sit  Be very quiet to see, smell, and hear what is found at a pond community. There’s more than what meets the eye.
3 Tools of the Trade  Think how adaptations play important roles in an organism’s life by helping them build a home and survive in a particular environment.
4 Food Chain
 Discover relationships between different organisms and their environment, and how these create a flow of energy.
5 Who’s been to the Water?  Use clues to discover who has visited the water. Tracks, scat, and other markings can help you discover who has been to the water.
6 Perspective Sketches  Discuss perspective and create a 3D habitat to place in your journal at school.

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