TEKS Covered: 112.19 (a) 1-4A&E, (b) 1, 2C&E, 3A&D, 4A, 8C, 10, 12

113.19 (a) 1-8, (b) 1A&C, 2A&C, 4A, 6, 7AB&E, 9A&C, 10, 11A, 12B&C, 13A&C, 15B, 19C, 20C&D, 21BD&F, 22B&D, 23

Equipment used: field journals, hand lenses, microscopes, measuring items, thermometers, water test kits, pH probes, temperature probes, collecting nets, insect traps, cameras (not provided)

Vocabulary: industry, refinery, seaport, airport, landport, import, export, agriculture, cargo, pollution

1 Environmental/ Industrial issues Learn about nature as a natural filter.
2  Pond & Uses  Look at the needs of water for wildlife.
3  Trail Tour  Study common uses of plants- ethnobotany.
4  Water Quality & Industry  Make observations and learn about point and non-point source pollution.
5  Soils  Learn about our soils as a filter.
6  Industry & Me  Think about how we can make a difference for tomorrow.

Due to the size of most middle/high school trips, we usually do the grade levels over a series of days. During the field trip, a number of stations will be run by the teachers and staff. Students will visit these stations in a round robin fashion. The activities provided are sample trips for each grade level, but as always, you may customize your field trip by meeting with the educator.

For more information in planning your field trip or to customize a trip, please use our teacher workbook.

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